About Us

We are a small family run business, “Large enough to cope, small enough to care”.

We are slowly removing our cherries trees and replacing with other stone fruit, including, Plums,Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots.

Season Length

The season runs for approximately over December, January and February dependant on the ripening of the different stone fruit. A lot of hard work occurs in the off season. We tend to the trees by pruning and replacing lost nutrients, frost protection, irrigation, net maintenance (all the trees on the 2 hectare site are enclosed by fine netting) and TLC!

Natural Spray Programme

Our spray programme although not wholly organic is carried out using natural materials e.g. seaweed extract and pine extract. NO organophosphate or gender bending sprays are used!

Markets & Orders

We attend several local markets to get fresh local fruit out to the Canterbury community.

We also supply to local businesses and individuals and can take orders from firms, just drop a note on the contact page.

We no longer offer Pick Your Own fruit

Bees play an important part in the growing of cherries, that's why we keep beehives....
As well as cherries, we have also started cultivating peaches, nectarines, strawberries and even walnuts.